The Lake Balaton Area
The Flamingo Hotel is located at the northern shore of Lake Balaton, one of Europe´s largest inland lakes with a length of 77 km and a width of up to 14 km. But it is also one of shallowest lakes with a beautiful light green color.
Balatonfüred is a great starting point to explore the fantastic area which offers various highlights in the close surrounding.
Here are just a few examples of what to do in the area:
  • enjoy the scenic view over the Lake Balaton during a walk along the boardwalk which begins at the marina and stretches along several kilometers in either direction
  • visit the ancient village Tihany, which was founded in 1055 and is located right next to Balatonfüred
  • before or after the conference, you should reserve some time to visit one of the most famous European capitals, Budapest or Vienna.
Please note that in Hungary the official currency is Hungarian Forint (HUF), 1 HUF = 100 Filler
As of March 2015, the exchange rates are:
1000 HUF=3,26 EUR=3,64 USD
307 HUF=1,00 EUR=1,15 USD
267 HUF=0,87 EUR=1,00 USD
220 V
the standardized Europlug used in most European countries, except for Great Britain, Cyprus, Gibraltar, and Malta.