Hotel Flamingo
Széchenyi út 16
8230 Balatonfüred, Hungary
All scientific presentations will be held in Rubin Hall. Posters can be mounted during the entire conference in Borostyán Hall.
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Balatonfüred is located at the north shore of Lake Balaton, 160 km from Budapest and 200 km from Vienna (Austria).
By Plane:
The two nearest international airports are in Budapest, Hungary (BUD) or in Vienna, Austria (VIE). Transfer by car from Budapest Airport to Balatonfüred takes about 1.5-2 hours, from Vienna Airport about 2-2.5 hours.
Shuttle Service:
A shuttle service from and to both airports (BUD and VIE) will be provided and needs to be booked in advance.
Departure from Budapest will be Sept. 6, 15:00
Departure from Vienna will be Sept. 6, 14:15
Return to Budapest and Vienna will be Sept. 11, 9:30
Expected arrival at Budapest airport (BUD): 11:30
Expected arrival at Vienna airport (VIE): 12:15
For reservation, please send an email to the meeting office ( before August 15th.
The transfer fee from Vienna to Balatonfüred is 25,- € one-way ticket (50,- € return ticket);
from Budapest to Balatonfüred is 15,- € one-way ticket (30,- € return ticket).
If you need a shuttle service at another time, please email us and include your flight number or your preferred departure time and date. We will assist you in organizing a bus shuttle.
By public transportation - from Budapest:
By bus:
Budapest Airport --> Budapest Népliget --> Balatonfüred (3-3.5 h)
  • go first from Liszt Ferenc Airport 2 to Népliget (ca. 35 min):
    • take the bus 200E (direction Köbánya Kispest M) to the end station Köbánya Kispest M (9 stops)
    • Change to metro line 3 (direction Újpest központ M) to Népliget (4stops)
    • You can find the timetables for bus and metro here
  • go then from Budapest, Népliget autóbusz-pályaudvar to Balatonfüred, autóbusz-állomás (2-3 h):
By train:
Budapest Airport --> Budapest Déli --> (Székesfehérvár) --> Balatonfüred (ca. 4h)
  • go first from Liszt Ferenc Airport 2 to Budapest Déli (1 h):
    • Take the Bus 200E direction Köbánya Kispest M to the end station Köbánya Kispest M (9 stops)
    • Change to Metro line 3 direction Újpest központ M to Deák Ferenc tér M (10 stops)
    • Change to Metro line 2 direction Déli pályaudvar M to the end station Déli pályaudvar M (4 stops)
    • You can find the timetables for bus and metro here
  • go then from Budapest-Déli to Balatonfüred (via Székesfehérvár) (2,5-3h)
    • there are only some direct connections from Budapest to Balatonfüred, most connections require a change at Székesfehérvár
    • examples for trains with direct connection are: 1972, 19792, 1974, 978 (all with direction Tapolca)
    • you can find the timetables for trains here:
By pulic transportation from Vienna:
As there is no direct bus/train connection from Vienna to Balatonfüred, you have to change to Bus at Györ train station or you can travel through Budapest (6-6.5 h). If you like to receive more information, please contact the meeting office (
By car:
Car rental services with the usual major providers are offered at both airports.
From Budapest Airport:
  • Go to route 4, direction Szolnok/Route 4/E71/M0 for 2 km
  • take exit E71/M0, direction Györ/M1/Ausztria/Szeged/M5/Szerbia/Gyál, for 38 km
  • take exit E71/M7, direction BALATON, for 74 km
  • take exit 90 and change to route 71, direction Balatonvilágos/Route 64/Enying/Balatonfüred for 36 km
From Vienna Airport:
  • go to highway A4, direction Budapest/Bratislava/ Bruck/Leitha
  • after ca. 50 km, you cross the border to Hungary.
  • stay for another 50 km on the highway (name changes to M1)
  • take exit 119 at Györ
  • follow for 70 km route 82, direction Györ/Nádorváros/Balaton/Veszprém/Pannonhalma
  • in Veszprém, change to route 73, direction Balatonfüred, for 15 km
In Balatonfüred, the Hotel Flamingo is located next to the harbor and right at the shore.